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Friend with a Big Ego
September 16, 2016

I'm all for having confidence in yourself: good self-esteem is...well, good. What I don't agree with is when people take their ego too far, to the point where they start thinking they're better than others: their friends.

I have a friend who I still consider a friend. But some of the things she's said to me over the past few months has really been driving a wedge between us. She has amazing confidence, which I admire. But then she's been revealing to me just how much of a big ego she has...and it's been pissing me off.

1) She's an elementary school A+ assistant teacher. She claims her job is harder and she works harder than me, because her boss has a strict rule where she has to stand 3 hours straight in her job. She told me that I (a high school teacher) have it easier since I have the leisure of "sitting down whenever I want."

2) She thinks she's such a good recommender of food/drink places, she believes that her friends and family should be thankful for it. Because without her, we would have never known about these wondrous places. Oh, and she also lays "claim" to these places, because without her, her friends and family wouldn't have known about them. And we should be thankful that she's "shared" these places with us.

...seriously? Why the FUCK would you say those kinds of things? She told me she was "just joking" after she noticed my discomfort by her statements. Hey, I'm all for jokes...but if you keep using these "jokes" over and over again...I can't help but feel that you actually think it's true.

1) Really? You're going to tell me that your 3-hours job is so much harder than my 8-hours job based on the lone criteria of standing??? If you're so bitter about your job, then QUIT. And if you won't quit because you can't find that job with the "good pay, simple duties," then you need to SHUT UP and SUCK IT UP. Because your friends don't wanna hear your constant pity party, especially if you're saying you're a harder worker than them.

2) If we're going to play that route, then SHE should be damn thankful to the friends and family who drive her to these places. She doesn't have a car, nor does she have a license to begin with. So without us, she would never have been able to go to the places herself (she refuses to catch the bus because of scary people on the bus).

No, of course I don't expect my friend to be "grateful" to me. I do things for my friends because I love them and care about them. So the last thing I want (and need) to hear is a friend inflating her ego at the expense of her friends (me included).

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