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Add-ons and Extras for Hostees
Add-ons are basically extra services (i.e. scripts, mostly) that hostees can ask me to help set up on their subdomain. I have access to Fantastico (script library) that can easily install a variety of scripts. I can't say how long they'll be available for (depends on my host, E-starr). Anyways, look below for the different sorts of things that hostees can get for their subdomain. There are also some add-ons that I handle or set up, myself.

Please keep in mind that I may only be able to provide little technical support for the scripts installed via Fantastico. Even though these scripts are provided for by my host, that does not mean I am that knowledgeable of the scripts. For support, you may need to refer to the appropriate developers' websites, instead of me.

If you'd like any of the add-ons/extras below, then please contact me.

[ Add-ons last updated on July 22, 2011 ]
Add-ons Handled by Me
+ Email Account + email address; 10 MB of space per account. Limit of 2 accounts per hostee.

+ Email Forwarding + forwards to your own email address(s). Limit of 5 per hostee.

+ Cutenews +
Blog/news posting script by CutePHP. Unlimited installations.

+ MySQL Database +
Management of scripts/codes that run on MySQL. Limit of 5 databases per hostee. **Reseller hostees can create their own databases on their cPanel.

+ FTP Accounts (Additional) +
Use to upload and delete files on your subdomain via FTP. All hostees are automatically given an FTP account when they start their subdomain. For additional accounts (e.g. for back up, or quicker access to folders), please contact me. Limit of 3 per hostee.

Add-ons from Fantastico
Blogging Scripts
+ b2evolution -- ~16 MB
+ Nucleus -- ~3 MB
+ Wordpress -- ~11 MB

Content Management
+ Drupal -- ~14 MB
+ Geeklog -- ~24 MB
+ Joomla! -- ~27 MB
+ Mambo -- ~18 MB
+ PHP-Nuke -- ~24 MB
+ phpWCMS -- ~22 MB
+ Siteframe -- ~2 MB
+ Xoops -- ~28 MB
+ Zikula -- ~20 MB

FAQ Scripts
+ FAQMasterFlex -- ~0.1 MB

Image Gallery
+ 4Images Gallery -- ~5 MB
+ Gallery -- ~7 MB

Mailing List
+ PHPlist -- ~14 MB

Poll and Survey Scripts
+ Advanced Poll -- ~1 MB
+ phpESP -- ~6 MB

Miscellaneous Scripts
+ Dew-NewPHPLinks -- ~1 MB
+ phpFormGenerator -- ~1 MB
+ WebCalendar -- ~6 MB

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