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"I Love Web Design!"
» Status: Clique
My first and only clique I created for those who love web design. It actually was my second longest living site (behind Lovely Designs). Unfortunately, due to other life priorities, I ended up not updating it for a few years. In the end (and after much thought), I felt it was best to close it after such inactivity. Definitely will miss this clique.

Sailor Saturn Online
» Status: Personal / Shrine / Graphics
My very first site that my older brother created for me back in elementary school. It had a simple frames design that I stuck with till I learned how to make fancier layouts and do my own coding. It was a personal site, with somewhat of a tribute to Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon. This is also where I started to create avatars (that other people could use), which did lead to the creation of Lovely Designs.

» Status: Hostees
This subdomain acted as a hostee center/collective. I had my hostees listed with brief descriptions of their sites, and also listed the hosting rules, space, error pages, etc. I have since moved all of the hostee-related stuff back to the front of the domain, though, for easier updating.

» Status: Poems
My poems' archive; mostly for (weird) haikus I made up. I have since moved my poems back to the front of my domain, instead, for the same reason as I did for Saiboukaku.

» Status: Review and Awards
A small awards and reviews site, continued from the awards and reviews section I had at Lovely Designs. I closed it down because I couldn't keep up with all of the review and award requests I got (school-related matters), unfortunately. I do still deeply apologize to those who were left on the waiting list...

Puressent Designs
» Status: Graphics
A graphics site that I co-owned with Larissa and a few other people. I'm not entirely sure what happened to this site...I think everyone including me just couldn't find the time to really update it anymore (not to mention that I already had Lovely Designs)... Or maybe it moved elsewhere without my knowing. *shrugs*

Yabureru (moved/merged!)
» Status: Blog
The subdomain that used to have my blog on it; it was also more as a personal site, too. But since the front of my domain was in danger of going dead/inactive, I decided to merge Yabureru onto the front side to save it. Makes updating easier, too.

RHS Key Club -- Online Scrapbook
» Status: Picture Album
An online picture archive for my high school's Key Club (I was historian). Posted some pictures, but it was never really used (and probably even viewed) in the end.

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