Contacting Christine

Basic Contact Information

Since I've fallen in and out with web design, I don't check my Yahoo email account as often as I used to...nonetheless, this is the account I still (primarily) use for my domain. So this is your best bet to contact me at, or to save in your address book. The form at the bottom is for your immediate use. Please keep in mind that the form also submits to my Yahoo account.

I have a college email that I check often, but since it relates to my offline life, I won't list it here. If for some reason(s) you need to keep in closer contact with me, please email me at my Yahoo account or submit the contact form below, and I will try to find some other options for quicker contact. Thanks.

When filling out the form, remember...
Terms last updated July 24, 2011.

one. The questions marked with the asterisk (*) are the required fields. However, if you wish to remain (sort of) anonymous, then you are free to leave the 'email' field blank.

two. If you're contacting me in regards to one of my hostees or fanlisting, please specify WHICH hostee or fanlisting you're talking about.

three. Yes, I am currently offering some hosting at Shukuya. If you are interested in applying, please go here, instead: apply.

four. No flaming, spamming, hate emails, or stupid emails of any sort. If you need to complain, try it without much or no vulgar language and profanity, please.

five. Nothing inappropriate, illegal, or of a similar sort. This applies to everything--your name, email, URL, and message. I don't want anything related to pirating, hacking, theft, pornography, and the like.

six. Emails should only be filled out in English. I'm only fluent in English (currently learning Japanese). When typing out your message, please...type it properly and neatly. Meaning no "tYpInG lIkE tHiS" or excessive slang. And no "l33t" language, either, because I don't know how to read it.

seven. In concerns to link exchanges -- refer to the next heading below these rules.

eight. If you're reporting any theft or wrongdoing within my sites or my hostees, then make sure you give me proof of what you're saying. By proof I mean screenshots, any files to prove your case, etc. I am not taking any strict actions unless otherwise.

nine. If you're asking for help with layout/coding problems -- concerning Lovely Designs' graphics -- it'd be nice if you could provide me with a screenshot or the URL of where the error(s) is actually occurring. It really helps me out if I can see the problem with my own eyes. And it also helps me to go about testing the layout/coding, myself.

ten. Sorry, but I currently do not have the time to freely give help to people with regards to coding or layout requests. You may end up waiting forever to receive a response from me if you try. So please try to refrain from asking me for these kind of requests. The only exception to this would be term nine listed above.

eleven. By using the form, below, you agree to abide by the listed terms accordingly and appropriately as much as possible. Failure to do so could result in consequences, including the deletion and no response to your message. Thank you.

What's the catch for exchanging links of any sort?
Below are the types of linkage that I'm currently doing:
- Shukuya.COM = blog exchange, affiliation
- Lovely Designs = link exchange
- Fanlistings & Clique = link exchange

one. The terms for any sort of linking with my sites pretty much follow what I've already said above about inappropriate things being a 'no'.

two. Of course, you must link back to me -- whether on all of your site's pages or just on one page that you have specified for links. Whichever you prefer. On each of my sites, I list my link exchanges on one page.

three. I prefer that my link exchanges do share some relation to my sites (i.e. Lovely Designs = graphic sites; Fanlistings = other fanlistings, fansites), however it's not a requirement.

three. This is a sort of recently new term for linkage, and only applies to new link exchanges (not those I already accepted before I had this). But in order to link exchange or affiliate with any of my sites, your site must be in English. Or you must have some sort of English version of your site (if it's in another language).

four. You are free to terminate link exchange with me anytime you want...however, can you please at least let me know? I think I'd rather be told, than just me randomly finding out that you don't link me anymore.

Okay, enough of my you go!

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