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Disk Space & Monthly Bandwidth Usage
Disk space is basically the storage of your files, while (monthly) bandwidth is the space needed to actually show your files on the Internet. Disk space and bandwidth are both important in the existence of your website. No more disk space means you can't upload anymore files, and no more bandwidth (in a month) means that no one will be able to see your website (for that month). A bit of information on space: 1024 bytes equal a kilobyte (KB), 1024 kilobytes equal 1 megabyte (MB), and 1024 megabytes equal one gigabyte (GB).

Disk Space Amount: Each hostee is given 30-50 MB of disk space for their subdomain. This can later be increased (or decreased) depending on the circumstances. Please contact me if you need to modify your space amount.

Monthly Bandwidth Amount: Hostees under shared hosting all share a monthly bandwidth of 50 GB. This includes hostee subdomains and my websites. Hostees under reseller hosting are given their own monthly bandwidth of 4 GB. Reseller hostees should be careful of their bandwidth usage; 4 GB is a lot of bandwidth space, so I'm a little less willing to increase it. Nonetheless, you can still contact me if you need to negotiate this amount.

Viewing Disk Space
* Hostees on the shared hosting: The function to view disk space on your subdomain is not available for shared hosting (unless the FTP program you use happens to have the feature). This function is only available to me on the domain. The only way to view your total space usage is to download all of the files on your subdomain onto your computer, and view the total size from there. Otherwise, you can contact me for the numbers.

** Hostees on the reseller hosting: the "disk space" function is available on your cPanel. cPanel will allow you to view the total amount of space used on your subdomain, as well as a breakdown of the amount of space used for each file and folder.

Keeping Track of Monthly Bandwidth
* Hostees on shared hosting: Similar to disk space, there will be no function personally available to you to view the monthly bandwidth. This is also a function only available to me. If there are any concerns with how much bandwidth your subdomain might be using up, please contact me, and I can give you the numbers. Additionally, if I have any concerns about the monthly bandwidth being used up, I may also email the hostee(s) about it.

** Hostees on reseller hosting: Viewing your monthly bandwidth is a function available to you on your cPanel. You will be able to view your total bandwidth (per month), as well as the amount of bandwidth you have used up. Unlike disk space, there is no breakdown of the bandwidth used by each file or folder.

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