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The story behind it all...
I'd have to say that all of this--my passion for web design, getting my domain--started back when I was in elementary school. My older brother, who was already a frequent user of computers and the Internet, created a personal website for me. I don't really remember what we put on it at the time... But we named the website "Sailor Saturn Online" since I loved watching the Sailor Moon anime, and Sailor Saturn was my favorite sailor scout.

However, that site stayed dead for some years since my parents don't believe that little kids and the Internet make a good match. Not that I had much interest in the Internet or owning a website when I was under 10 years old, anyways...

My love for computers and the Internet really sparked when my friends in 6th grade introduced me to the wonderful, virtual world of Caring for a virtual pet, playing games to earn "money," and chatting with other people: yes, I loved it. Eventually, my parents allowed me a computer and Internet connection. From there, I continued with my Sailor Saturn Online site, maintaining it as a personal space for me. Not really fancy, and very simple...but it was mines.

My passion for web designing stirred when I created a "guild" at To make it look flashy, I discovered the necessity of learning HTML. So through some trials and errors with HTML guides (and one big HTML book), I managed to succeed in that. I also discovered Adobe Photoshop since I ended up using it for a science project. This also attributed to my interest for web designing since I could (and still now) use Adobe PS to alter images and design graphics.

Eventually, I turned my personal site into a graphics site, hosted at first, then thankfully and gratefully at (then owned by Na2). As my website grew bigger, so did my desire to have a separate space of my own. After giving it much thought, I asked my dad and he allowed me to have my own domain and space. And...that's pretty much how came to be.

What happened to Yabureru?
Ah, blog was initially on a separate subdomain, but I eventually decided to merge it with the "home" of (right here!). This was mostly due to the domain or "front" of Shukuya being rather inactive as just a collective, which I didn't like. Plus, with my domain also acting as my blog now, I think it saves space and hassle for me. Instead of updating two different places, I can update files in one spot. I feel it'll leave things more convenient and neat. The blog portion of Shukuya is still named after Yabureru as a sort of tribute to the ex-subdomain.
General Domain Information
- Name: Shukuya [.com]
- Owned by: Christine
- Purchased on: August 14, 2003
- Purchased from: Godaddy
- Hosted at: E-starr
- Total Disk Space: 1,500 MB
- Bandwidth per month: 50 GB
Why that name?
Initially, I was choosing between '' or '' as my domain name. Mostly because my graphics site was my "main thing" at the time, and I'm a fan of Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X-2. ...okay, and I thought the names were cute, too.

But then a friend suggested I pick a word that was special to me and translate it into another language. So I picked the Japanese language (which I currently study) and eventually found the word 'shukuya'. It means "from morning till night." I really like that idea of morning till night, because it gives a sense of eternity or everlasting (in a positive way). So...I chose it! I also made it shukuya.COM since I had seen a lot of other people creating domains with .net and .org already.

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E-starr Hosting
Adobe PS & IR
Maroon Caludin
Dan Benjamin
Tizag Tutorials
Lissa Explains
Kishuku (Na2)
Destati (Roxas Fansite)
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A non-profit and non-commerical domain for personal and fun use. =)