Hosting Status: Open (as of July 2011)
I am currently offering hosting at There are two types of hosting: shared and reseller.

With shared hosting, you are hosted immediately under the domain, and share monthly bandwidth with the other sites on this hosting. This is different from reseller hosting, in which hostees will be given space and bandwidth separate from the other sites at Shukuya, as well as extra features.

Please note that both the shared and reseller hosting are free.

Features/Benefits of Shared Hosting
- Subdomain:
- * Your Own Space of: 40 MB
- Shared Monthly Bandwidth of 50 GB
- PHP, CGI, limited MySQL support
- Availability of add-ons
- No ads

Features/Benefits of Reseller Hosting
- Subdomain:
      (if you have your own domain, then the ~shukuya subdomain will not apply to you)
- * Your Own Space of: 40 MB
- ** Your Own Monthly Bandwidth of 4 GB
- PHP, CGI, MySQL support
- cPanel access (online website manager)
- Availability of add-ons
- No ads

* = 40 MB will be the starting space for new hostees. This amount can be increased later as needed.
** = 4 GB monthly bandwidth (for reseller hostees) is a lot of space, so I'm a little cautious of changing this amount. Nonetheless, the bandwidth can also be negotiated if necessary.

Important Information & Requirements
Please read the follow information and requirements before you apply for hosting. Thank you.

Read the terms of hosting before you actually apply for it.
  Please be aware of what is to be expected of you as a hostee at Shukuya. If there are any questions or concerns with the terms, feel free to address them on the hosting application form (below).

Website must currently be up.
  Your site should already be up and running somewhere on the Internet. I'd like to see and get some idea of what I will be hosting.

Type of Website
  Please tell me what kind of website you have and/or its content. Due to space concerns, I am more willing to host websites that do not utilize too much images, such as blogs or fanlistings. I am a little hesitant on "image heavy" sites like graphic or gallery websites, but I'm willing to consider them depending on how big they are.

Shared or Reseller
  If you are looking for reseller hosting, explain why you'd like it. Will you need the MySQL, or the separate space? If you apply for shared hosting, but feel you may want reseller hosting later on, please also state this in your application.

FTP Knowledge and Program
  Hostees on shared hosting do NOT have their own online website manager, so you must use FTP in order to manage files from your subdomain. Reseller hostees will have an online website manager available to them...but I still recommend that you know FTP, just in case. You may also need to download a FTP program (there are free ones like FileZilla) to use FTP.

  If you have never used FTP, before, then that's fine. I have no problems with helping you learn how to use FTP. But please keep in mind that you will need to use it.

Updating plans
  Tell me how often you are or plan to update your website. There is no requirement to how often you update your website, but I would like you to tell me of your "update style" so I'll be aware of it (i.e. won't think your site is "dead")

Resource Needs
  Please address any resource needs of your site. For example: Are you fine with 40 MB of space, or might you require more later on? How about the monthly bandwidth? Are you going to need MySQL?

  (( Under shared hosting, you will NOT have your own access to a MySQL database. If you want to create one, and/or need any code input or changes, you will need to email them for me to handle. ))

Hosting Application / Form
Please use the form below to apply for hosting; all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. By submitting the form below, you agree to meet the requirements and terms of hosting at Shukuya, if you are accepted as a hostee.

* Name or Alias:
* Email address:
* Your Website URL:
* Website Type or Brief Description of it:
* How ofen do you (/plan to) update?
* Which type of hosting do you want?
If you (*) chose reseller hosting, or might want it later on, briefly explain why:
* List/explain your website's resource needs?
* Do you agree to the hosting terms? (please type in yes--no spaces--to proceed)
Any additional comments, questions, or concerns?