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Comments: Again, I was doing one of my "let's test a new expression" ideas. I decided to go for an angry-looking person. ...instead, I end up with an angry AND injured person. I'm not sure how that came about. It must've been from all those creepy movies like Doom and the Alien series I've been watching. This time I actually did a full torso drawing.

Comments: Another male drawing I did. I think this one turned out rather cute, too. Although notice how I've refrained from drawing hands again. I was testing a winking expression...I think it turned out all right. But I think the eyes are a little too "googly"...whoops.

Comments: My sister asked me, "When are you going to actually draw a boy (with decent looking hair) for once?" In response, I drew this handsome looking fellow. Notice the swooning girl in the background for an added effect.

Comments: I definitely love how this sketch turned out. I had the sudden urge to draw at 2-3 AM of January 1, 2007. Heh. I'm glad the hair turned out so well...though I know the hand's unusually small. Still new with hands, so I think it's "so-so" for a start. I redrew the hand about EIGHT times, though, because it kept ending up too small compared to how it looks now. Seriously...

Comments: I didn't realize that the girl I drew in this drawing looks like the one in my last, last drawing... But I like how this turned out, especially with the neck part. Sometimes I feel like I screw up with drawing necks (even though it's supposed to be simple), but I think this one turned out nice.

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