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Hello, and welcome to...
to! Domain, blog, and portfolio site of Christine (aka Rikku Girl), as well as the "network" for all of the sites within Shukuya. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!
~ Sincerely, Christine   
Lots of reflecting
July 13, 2018

* Plugs: Michelle, Xian, Mija & Megan

Yikes! Over half a year since I blogged anything. I keep telling myself that I’m going to be more active with my site, but it never seems to work out that way. ^^;;;

Quite a bit has happened since my last post.

Something negative? One of my friends--who used to be single--used to talk to me a lot about how she was seeing everyone else dating but her, and how she didn’t like it because then she felt like things were “different” between her non-single friends versus single friends.

She even complained to me one time about how she got mad at one of her other friends…because she kept asking him if he’s free to hang out…but he couldn’t really find the time since he was so busy with work and being newly married. And she’s emphasized the importance of not forgetting about your friends and making time for them, even though you’re dating or married. Multiple times.

Well, guess what? She has a boyfriend now! She’s been dating him for about a month. He seems pretty nice, from what she’s told me. So I’m happy for her. My best wishes to her and her boyfriend, of course. But I think it’s rather hypocritical that she finds it perfectly OKAY for her to forget about her friends now that she has her very own boyfriend. o_O;

When I hung out with her recently, she told me she was “sorry” that she takes so long to contact me back, but “you know, now that (she) has a boyfriend…” Because I’m apparently supposed to forget all that crap she spewed earlier when she was single? I think that’s a little ridiculous.

On a plus side, I took a group of students on a summer trip to Japan. I’ve been to Japan a few times on my own, but this was my first time organizing a trip for a group. Given that, there were DEFINITELY some bumps along the way. ^^;

But overall, the trip was a nice success! We went to Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo. I think the first few days was a little rough because the students were getting used to the time change. Plus all the walking around that we did. But overall, everyone had a lot of fun…bought A LOT of stuff…and some of my students are even asking me when I’m going to do the next “Japan trip.” *laughs*

So in the end, I think it was all worth it. I’m looking forward to revising the trip to make it better. I’ll probably organize the next one in a couple years. I gotta save up some money again!

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