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to! Domain, blog, and portfolio site of Christine (aka Rikku Girl), as well as the "network" for all of the sites within Shukuya. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!
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Addiction to Mobile Games
January 05, 2018

I'm definitely not new to mobile games (aka app games). Since 2011-ish, I've probably installed, played, deleted over 50 different games. For the most part, my interest in the apps have come and gone, and I just get over it and move on.

But there's 1 game I'm addicted to right now and it's taken me about the span of 2 months to realize just how bad my addiction's become.

I've become so competitive with the game that I've spent well over $50 on in-app purchases in the span of 2 weeks. Damn.

The sad part is that I've been spending money because I've been trying so bad to beat this one particular person in my competition group (I'm not succeeding, by the way). And it's not like I actually WIN anything by beating the guy - all I get is just seeing my name in the #1 spot.

To beat him, I'd have to spend more money. Spend more money on a game...that's just a game. I'm angry at myself for how I've skewed my priorities between this game and the other things in my life (like my job, or health, etc.). I need to take a step back from the game and live my life better again.

The reason why I even installed and started playing the game was so I could have something FUN to do when I had "downtime" (e.g., breaks or free time from work, or when I was relaxing). But now I'm just letting it run my life and it's become not-so-fun because I'm acting stupid and acting like a sore loser.

There, I said it: I'm an IDIOT for acting this way over a mobile game.

Now that I've come to that realization, I'm hoping I'll be able to get over it and go back to playing the game for fun, as I originally intended.

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