Iuriatan Felipe Muniz

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August 23rd, 2008

I am currently a year-two student studying at York Univeristy. Many of you know me as Liah from your transactions with me. I am a very sweet person, blunt most of the time. But i am very nice, and i try to give my customers the best of everything. All of my items are packaged with care. ^^

I have been selling on Soompi since December 2006 with the start of a Zipia Survey which was a great success <3 After then, i began doing more surveys, and opened up my own shop. I have been whitelisted 87+ times on soompi, and neutral once and that was because i got scammed by my supplier.

I love having surveys/pre-order sprees, because i love helping those get what they want, and it is just a great experience.

~Liah Lynne

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