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Terms of Service for Hostees
--Last update: August 18, 2011--

1. Keep me up-to-date on your current email address(s). This is in case I need to contact you about any emergencies or concerns, and I also try to do a "check-up" with my hostees every once in a while.

2. Freedom of opinion is fine, but please refrain from prejudice, racism, or similar discrimination.

3. Please be respectful to everyone at not only to me, but also to your fellow hostees.

4. Refrain from any hate mail (“flames”) or spam mail. Please try to settle any disputes in a peaceful or minimally violent manner.

5. Swearing (uncensored) is fine. If you have a lot of it on your site, however, please consider censoring some of the profanity.

Subdomain Use
6. You are free to hotlink your own files (e.g. avatars on forums), but please do not go too crazy on it. No SINGLE file should be over 80 KB, please. It is recommended that you save your images as optimized to help reduce the size of them.

If you are a "reseller" hostee, then you are not really limited to your hotlink activity, since you have your own monthly bandwidth. However, please monitor your bandwidth use carefully. If you exceed your bandwidth limit due to hotlinking, I will not increase your bandwidth; you will simply have to wait until your bandwidth resets for the next month.

7. Please do not upload files and materials that are prohibited or deemed illegal by my host, E-starr. Contents include: mp3 files (usually of music, movies or videos not created/owned by you), pirated software, hacker programs, warez programs, scams.

8. IRC Bots, Greymatter, and IkonBoard are also banned scripts of E-starr. Please do not install/use these on your subdomain.

9. I will NOT tolerate any porn, hentai, or other inappropriate, sexual content.

10. Please credit your resources (e.g. image, scripts, etc.). Do not steal and claim things as your own if it’s not.

11. The acceptable image types are: JPG, GIF, and PNG. PSD and BMP are acceptable, too, but please be mindful of the file size (e.g. avatar templates in .psd format). As mentioned, images should be optimized as much as possible to lighten file sizes.

12. .midi files are allowed, but please be careful of the file size(s) and don't upload a lot. Approximately 5-10 midis, at a time, would be a fair amount.

13. There is no requirement to how often you update your website. If you're looking for a preference, then I would like to ask that you please try to do an update at least once a year.

14. Your site should be in English. You may put your site in another language, but I also ask that you provide English translations or have an English version of your site.

15. Small picture galleries are okay. But if you're planning to have a big gallery (maybe 40+ images, depending on the file sizes), then please host some pictures elsewhere, such as on a free server like Angelfire, or Photobucket.

Image galleries can tend to take up a lot of bandwidth (and space), and I ask that you not use up the space and bandwidth for that sole purpose. This is particularly important if you are on shared hosting.

If you are on reseller hosting, then this rule does not necessarily apply to you, since you have your own bandwidth. However, please be careful of your bandwidth usage if you intend to do this. Similar to hotlinking, I will not modify your bandwidth amount if you go over the limit (in a month); you will need to wait for the next month when your bandwidth resets.

16. Please remember that I am hosting you and only you. You should not be "hosting" friends under your subdomain, unless they are co-owner(s) or partner to your website(s) [e.g. group blog, collaborative site]. If you really are looking to share some of your space with a friend for their own website, please speak to me first.

17. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to do a massive backup of the entire domain, anymore. Please understand that you are responsible for the backup of your own files. I will try to do a backup every once in a while, but do not assume that I will have the most recent backup in the (very rare) event that the server crashes.

**Please note that these terms may be updated anytime necessary. Basic consequences for seriously breaking the terms include: warning emails, suspension, or deletion of your subdomain.

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