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Add-ons and Extras for Hostees
Add-ons are other services (i.e. scripts, mostly) that hostees can ask me to help set up on their account. I can auto-install certain scripts provided through my hosting company E-starr.

Reseller hostees: Please note that with your cPanel account, you will be able to auto-install most of the scripts given below. For other services, please contact me about set up.

Please keep in mind that I can only provide a bit of technical support for the auto-installed scripts. For further support, please refer to the appropriate developers' websites.

If you'd like any of the services below, then please contact me.

[ Add-ons last updated on June 11, 2017 ]
Add-ons Handled by Me
+ Email Account + email address; 10 MB of space per account. Limit of 2 accounts per hostee.

+ Email Forwarding + forwards to your own email address(s). Limit of 5 per hostee.

+ MySQL Database +
Management of scripts/codes that run on MySQL. Limit of 5 databases per hostee.
**Reseller hostees can create their own databases on their cPanel.

+ FTP Accounts (Additional) +
All hostees are automatically given an FTP account when they start their subdomain. For additional accounts (e.g. for back up, or quicker access to folders), please contact me. Limit of 3 per hostee.

Auto-install Scripts by E-starr
Okay, so there is actually A LOT of auto-install scripts available to us. Below I've listed the TYPES of scripts available. Please contact me about WHICH types you're interested in, and I can email you the names of the actual scripts I have under that category.

+ Blogs
+ Micro Blogs
+ Content Management Systems/Portals
+ Forums
+ Image Galleries
+ Wikis
+ Social Networking
+ Ad Management
+ Calendars
+ Gaming
+ Polls and Surveys
+ Project Management
+ E-Commerce
+ Guest Books
+ Music
+ Video
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Maroon Caludin
Dan Benjamin
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